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Sound-attenuation system
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Device and method for water priming microporous-carbon water filters using negative pressure
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Method and system for armored energy-dispersion objects
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Slide-inhibiting safety garment for ice and associated method
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Method and system for pointing a laser beam
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Method and apparatus for informed personal well-being decision making
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System and method for all-in-one wort preparation
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Aircraft-runway total energy measurement, monitoring, managing, safety, and control system and method
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Remote-control flying craft
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System and method for diamond deposition using a liquid-solvent carbon-transfer mechanism
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Digital projection system and associated method
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Saw mount system and method
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Rotatable torque-measuring apparatus and method
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Lighting fixture and method for making and using
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Simultaneous Tx-Rx for MRI systems and other antenna devices
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Active transmit elements for MRI coils and other antenna devices
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Method and high-isolation transmit/receive surface coils for EPRI
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Illumination system with high intensity projection mechanism and method of operation thereof
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Method and apparatus for low-profile fiber-coupling to photonic chips
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Mixed-flow cooling to maintain cooling requirements
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Method and apparatus for spectral-beam combining of high-power fiber lasers
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Fiber- or rod-based optical source featuring a large-core, rare-earth-doped photonic-crystal device for generation of high-power pulsed radiation and method
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Optical stimulation of the brainstem and/or midbrain, including auditory areas
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Group IIIA nitride growth method and system
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Power factor correction stages in power conversion
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Method of manufacturing a CMOS device with zero soft error rate
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Transistor having high dielectric constant gate insulating layer and source and drain forming Schottky contact with substrate
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Device for monitoring inhibition of platelet function response
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Secure image bidding system
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System and method of parsing a template for generating presentation data
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Apparatus and method for storing and distributing encrypted digital content and functionality suite associated therewith
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Agricultural bagger with shielded hopper agitation and method
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Stemware holder
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Decorative electrical switch