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Mylan Pharmaceuticals Inc., et al. v. Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe
(IPR2016-01127, et al.)(USPTO PTAB)(PDF, 42 pages)
A Native American tribe (the "Tribe") cannot dismiss an IPR against a patent owned by the Tribe based on the Tribe's sovereign immunity.  In this case, even if the Tribe was allowed to remove itself from the IPR based on sovereign immunity, the IPR would still proceed against Allergan as "owner" because Allergan had retained all substantial ownership rights in its licensing agreement with the Tribe.
Aqua Products, Inc. v. Joseph Matal
(Docket# 2015-1177)(Fed. Cir. 2017)(PDF, 148 pages)
In an inter partes review procedure, the burden of persuasion with respect to the patentability of amended claims is on the petitioner.
Enfish, LLC v. Microsoft Corporation, et al.
(Docket# 2015-1244)(Fed. Cir. 2016)(PDF, 30 pages)
Claims directed to software are not inherently abstract and therefore can be properly analyzed at the first step of the Alice Corp. analysis.
Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International et al.
(U.S. 13-298)(S. Ct. 2014)(PDF, 21 pages)
Method, computer-readable medium, and corresponding system claims directed to a computerized trading platform for exchanging obligations in which a trusted third party settles obligations between a first and a second party recite patent-ineligible subject matter.